Alteil - Before and After

A real life example of what Apocoplay's platform can do for a game

Alteil is fantasy-themed dueling in the format of a Trading Card Game (TCG). Users can sign up to play for free using any of four basic starter decks. Once they're engaged, they can buy premium cards in the in-game shop to augment and customize their decks. With over 100,000 registered users, a vibrant online community, and complex strategic gameplay, Alteil has broad appeal to fantasy gamers and anime fans worldwide.

Before Apocoplay's Platform - Alteil Classic

Alteil's original creators sold the rights to their game years ago. They recently retrieved these rights. The creators contracted multiple companies to bring Alteil Classic back online, including Apocoplay. Of these companies, only Apocoplay was successful in bringing Alteil Classic back online.

Before Apocoplay took over, Alteil's hosting fees cost an excess of $10,000 a month. Since Apocoplay’s cloud service is built specifically for turn based games, Apocoplay was able to reduce these costs to under $1,000 per month.

When the game was brought online, Apocoplay saw opportunities for improvement that the Apocoplay engine could provide, such as...

  • A complete overhaul of the user interface using leading technologies such as Unity or HTML5
  • Integration with social and mobile including in-app purchases
  • Improved user retention rates
  • Automate development of gameplay enhancements which previously cost an excess of $10,000 and a minimum of three months per enhancement through other firms.
  • Eliminating multiple risks associated with the original hardware architecture, such as single points of failure.
  • Eliminating the cost prohibitive barrier of enabling continuous technology upgrades
  • Eliminating the need for daily human maintenance of servers
  • Boost maximum user caps to numbers greater than the current population on the human race while only charging for what is used.
  • Improved security management alongside enhancements such as facebook integration
  • Automation of timely game designer tasks
  • Over 1,000-fold speed improvements for end users
  • Advanced configurable AI that has an overall goal, changes its tactics as needed to achieve that goal when appropriate, and analyzes the world around it by converting what it sees to relevant context.
  • Much more

After Apocoplay's Platform - Alteil: Horizons

If all that wasn't enough, we're already working on the sequel. With a working title of "Alteil: Horizons", the sequel will feature improved scalability and performance, social sign-in, mobile/social integration, a beautifully enhanced UI, and much more!